Month: October 2016

Why do i need reading glasses

As we age, we start to notice certain changes in our bodies and the way we function, including difficulty in reading at a close proximity. We start holding objects farther and farther away so we can read small type clearly. This condition is called presbyopia, and usually begins to occur around the age of 40 […]

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How to choose eyeglasses that suit you best

A big part of the population has less than perfect vision, and for many of us who wear glasses on a daily basis, they can be one the most important accessories we wear. So it’s important to choose glasses that suit you best, meaning they provide you with clear vision, are very comfortable, and flatter […]

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Eyewear trends of the year

Your glasses are a major part of your personal style, and finding the perfect pair that both expresses you and exudes cool is on every style list. If you still haven’t found your perfect pair, KK OPTICS LTD has you covered with our collection of stylish frames. It’s not too late to jump on board […]

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