About us

KK Optics began sometimes in the year 2005 with a wholesale branch in Nairobi. We began by dispensing optical glasses to retailers country wide and even to parts of east African countries like Uganda, Tanzania, South Sudan and more recently to Rwanda.
Our vision was to provide an alternative affordable and varietal of eye wear to East Africans majority of whom could not afford nice glasses that were retailing at the time.
Most of the eye wear retailing at the time were also traditional type denying customers chance to customize their eye wear. We successfully achieved this because ever since we have opened a retail shop in Nairobi central business District along Tubman Road Opposite Jamia Shopping mall, here customers have freedom to have there frames customized however way they want to suit their tastes and preferences. We would also like to believe we provide the best eye wear pricing in the country due to the advantage of having a wholesale shop running in the same company.