Why do i need reading glasses

As we age, we start to notice certain changes in our bodies and the way we function, including difficulty in reading at a close proximity. We start holding objects farther and farther away so we can read small type clearly. This condition is called presbyopia, and usually begins to occur around the age of 40 and progresses over time. This is around the point in your life when you may need reading glasses.

Most people who experience presbyopia find it difficult to focus on close range objects. The good news about experiencing this condition is that reading glasses are an inexpensive, stylish and effective solution for close range vision problems! Reading glasses also do not require a doctor’s prescription for the most part, depending on your eyesight and what you may need them for.

Presbyopia, unfortunately, is a condition that simply affects most of us as we age. Even if you already wear glasses for near-sightedness, you’ll notice that although you see objects in the distance clearly, the objects up close are beginning to blur.

If you already wear contact lenses or eyeglasses for other visual aid, the presbyopia can be corrected by wearing bifocal or multifocal lenses. Nowadays, there are a lot of options for individuals needing multiple corrections in their vision (i.e., bifocal aren’t what they used to be)!

KK Optics  has many different styles that can make your shopping experience a little bit easier. But to help you decide whether or not you do need reading glasses, we’ve outlined some ways you can determine if you may need visual aid.

• Book Test: If you start noticing that you are holding a book more than 10 to 12 inches away from your face, this is a definite sign that you need reading glasses in order to focus. When you’re stretching your arms and squinting your eyes just to read a sentence, reading glasses are definitely something to consider, or perhaps a visit to your eye doctor to look over your prescription.

• Hobby Test: For people who are finding it difficult to do everyday tasks that you enjoy, like cooking, drawing, sewing or even playing cards. This is another sign that your eyes are struggling to focus and may need help.

• Headache Test: If you are experiencing frequent headaches and tired eyes, your eyes need relief.

• Need for More Light Test: You inability to see objects clearly in dimly light areas is another indicator of presbyopia.

• Eye Exam: This is not a test, but this is the most important way to determine if you need

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